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Knowledge Charger (KC) is a unique cloud-based gamification platform, provided with online portal that allowing you to transfer your boring training and learning content into an interactive game “Questions& Answers” type.

This method of publish your content material creates a high level of curiosity for your audience, in which manipulate brain readiness to absorb the new knowledge effortlessly and make it last longer.

How Knowledge Charger is used? ==>

KC has similar video games impact that create excitement which trigger dopamine that give the n human being pleasure.

Using and utilizing smart phones to spread the learning games where can be played and gain knowledge and training any where anytime

Learning professionals are expending massive effort into creating training content that is engaging and comprehensive. Yet, efforts can be wasted when learners are known to forget 90% of training content within 3 months.

Building knowledge reinforcement into your training plans ensures that at the moment of truth when learners need to apply what they’ve learned,  they can recall knowledge and tap into the behaviors they’ve been taught. 

Knowledge charger is a microlearning tool with a commitment to designing and delivering corporate learning programs in the brain works. We believe that if learning sticks, the workforce will always be performance ready and can make a measurable contribution to organizational success.

  • Combats the forgetting curve
  • Proven by 22 randomized, peer-reviewed clinical trials
  • Improves long-term knowledge retention up to 170%
  • Boosts learner proficiency by 20% on average

How Knowledge Charger is used ? =>