Knowledge Charger for Education


Do you want to increase student’s desire of learning using attractive and funny approach?

Do we need to narrow the educational gap between privileged and less fortunate students?

Do we need to develop the role of a teacher to become more create?

Utilizing analysis and diagnosis of indoctrination ?

Do we need healthy climate that motivates students to take responsibility of learning ?

We have developed a unique learning platform called ” Knowledge Charger”

to fulfill your aspirations and provide a flexible space

to teach students consistently, go along with the new generation’s preferences

Implementing learning by gamification via smart phones

This is considered the latest method of distance online learning

What is Knowledge charger Platform ?

It is an online learning platform that facilitates educational institutions

develop heir scientific content into and educational game

without the need of IT experts

They can publish it as application immediately

Knowledge Charger approach

The platform depends on converting the learning material into large number of questions and answers

in addition to upload explanatory videos

Advantages of the platform

Learning by Gamfication

The quality of education

increase student’s desire to education

expanding student’s perceptions

reach a broader segment

Honing skills

building create capacity

guiding students’ use of technology

building strategic plans based on detailed analysis

and more

Teach learn anytime anywhere

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