Knowledge Charger customers engage their employees

with continuous learning to improve their job proficiency

Product Knowledge

Each new product and service or update requires employees across multiple departments to quickly become experts, whether it is to sell, service or support. Provide training on new offerings or tools, while adapting the message to be succinct and relevant in any situation.

  • Reinforce product knowledge and pricing
  • Identify knowledge gaps pre and post launch
  • Arm against competitor objections
  • Update market and customer trends
  • Hone messaging through video scenarios
  • Educate managers to support new sales

Employees Onboarding

Employees who are trained effectively and onboarded continuously perform better, are more engaged and make a faster contribution to organizational goals. Invest in your people from day one and set them up for success with Knowledge Charger best practice structured microlearning gamification.

  • Continuous new hire
  • Knowledge and skill gap analysis
  • Personalize learning and development paths
  • Enable managers to mentor coaching
  • Measure onboarding investments
  • Analyze onboarding program efficacy

Process Change

Responding to constant compliance, regulatory, market or customer change also requires process change. Doing this at scale and in a timely way can be slow to implement organizational agility. Simply understanding a new process doesn’t translate into daily use and training costs can be exacerbated with a mobile, distributed or remote workforce. Providing consistency in training processes is challenging. Enter KC structured training can be the of scalable behavior change.

  • Reinforce new processes continuously anytime, anywhere via mobile
  • Measure knowledge and skills gaps in real-time
  • Engage remote workers with peer-to-peer features and personalized coaching
  • Reduce cost of face-to-face training
  • Decrease time to effectiveness or compliance
  • Inform further individual training needs

Upskill Employees Talent

Empower your employees to be successful by taking a fresh approach to training and development with Knowledge Charger.  With 79% of new information forgotten in as little as 30 days it’s no wonder that learning leaders struggle to see ROI on development investments. With KC, now you can measure training investments and support talent development at scale, resulting in 20% proficiency gains on average.

  • Upskill teams to accelerate organizational development
  • Support leadership development programs
  • Measure ROI on development programs
  • Analyze and act on individual proficiency gaps
  • Enable managers to coach effectively
  • Reduce the gap of knowledge and get future learning needs

Compliance and Regularity

Keeping up to date on compliance and regulatory change is now a constant, and showing proof of continual training, reinforcement and understanding to auditors and regulators is mandatory. Not doing so can mean heavily fines, loss of trust and have an irreversible effect on customers and business. KC continuous structured learning can help.

  • Improve knowledge of latest regulations
  • Measure gaps in regulatory knowledge
  • Reinforce compliance procedures
  • Test understanding and application of process
  • Record compliance proficiency
  • Change behaviors to act compliantly

Organizational Message Alignment

Aligning sales , corporate and product messages can be an art form when it comes to applying messages consistently from an organizational perspective across all employees. How you know that your brand is being represented accurately by every employee? Ask Knowledge Charger about it.

  • Develop consistent delivery of sales, corporate and product messages
  • Ensure that every employee can tell your corporate or brand story with confidence
  • Identify employees who need help in grasping
  • Support roll out of new messages as a result of rebrands activity

Sales Performance

Sales enablement is a strategic and continuous process if it is to continually improve sales performance. To be effective, programs need to be adaptive and personalized without disrupting selling time. Support sales reps and managers to improve proficiency that drives performance and meet their number with KC proven structured microlearning methodology.

  • Continuously onboard and measure knowledge gaps
  • Reinforce sales processes
  • Provide sales skills through Q&A and video scenarios
  • Improve product, pricing and competitor knowledge
  • Enable sales managers with coaching recommendations

Examination & Assessment Tool

Secure platform for digital assessment is an art form when it comes to applying the same exam or assessment to various audience. How you know and guarantee that your assessment is being perfectly accurate and reflect the actual results ? Ask Knowledge Charger team about it.

  • Develop consistent exams and assessments content for various corporate sections
  • Notify your groups of audience about the assessment timeline and content
  • Publish and broadcast the assessment gamified content
  • Review and compare results